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Beyond The Table: Massage Therapy Solutions for Everyone

How does an hour of relaxation sound? Sixty minutes of therapeutic relief from a tough workout sound better? Maybe it all sounds great, but your schedule is hectic or your latest injury prevents you from transferring onto a massage table. Did you know that you can still receive therapeutic massage, and all of its incredible benefits, while in a chair or on a mat? Whether it's due to time constraints, physical limitations, or simply looking for something new, these options will open up exciting options for your next massage.

Massage Table: When you think of massage therapy, a massage table probably pops into your mind first. Tables are padded for comfort and either blankets or a heating pad are utilized for warmth. Client's may undress to their comfort level, however, proper draping techniques are always used by the massage therapist to ensure client's privacy. The duration of most table massages varies between 30-120 minutes.

A table can be used for a variety of massage modalities: relaxation, sports, pregnancy, myofascial release, reiki, hot rock, and craniosacral. Some accessories may be utilized for greater comfort: table extensions for taller clients, bolsters, pillows for pregnancy massage.

Massage Chair: You've probably seen massage chairs popping up everywhere from the office to the airport. Chair massage is extremely portable and time-efficient. The client remains entirely clothed and maintains modesty even if a dress or skirt is worn. Chair massages usually vary between 5-30 minutes (though 60 minutes is possible).

The ergonomic, adjustable chairs are padded for comfort. Although the time is short, the treatment is effective. Many companies rely on chair massage to ease employee stress, prevent injury, and boost well-being. Chair massage is effective for targeting muscular adhesions in the arms, neck, and back- especially those due to repetitive movements. Though relaxing, chair massage can also be invigorating for the client's productive day ahead.

Mat/Floor: While all massage modalities can be done on a floor or mat, for some techniques a floor/mat is the preferred method, namely shiatsu and Thai yoga massage. Comfortable clothing is generally worn during these massages, as many of the preferred treatments incorporate passive/active stretching. Mat massages generally range between 60-120 minutes.

Mat/Floor massage is also beneficial for clients unable to transfer onto a massage table or chair. Similar to a table massage, however, bolsters or pillows may be utilized for added comfort. Working on a floor/mat is also beneficial for techniques increasing range of motion, flexibility, slightly deeper pressure.

Whether you have five minutes or ninety minutes to spare, massage therapy can have effective results. Regardless of location (table, chair, or mat), massage therapy clients will benefit from increased circulation, improved immunity, stress reduction, and better quality of sleep. Don't forgo your next massage because you're short on time, try another style and let your body reap the benefits.

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